Monday, January 8, 2018

Bathroom Remodel Update and Inspiration

As many of you know, we’re currently in the middle of a big bathroom remodel. All was going just fine until yesterday when we had an exposed pipe burst due to the super freeze that we’re currently in. All floors of our house flooded. Ceilings collapsed, floors were warped, carpets ruined, furniture destroyed. Ain’t no damage like water damage. That’s a saying, right? Disaster recovery teams are coming and going, as are insurance adjusters and various contractors. So while all of that is going on, I thought I’d turn my attention to what the space will hopefully be one day, and some of the fun products and accessories I want to add. These have been in my Shopping Cart or Saved to Later sections for a long time, and hopefully all of them will make their way into our new bathroom soon enough. I had an Instagram story up (follow along @LauraBlog1) about a little nook that I didn’t know what to do with, and many of you recommended a makeup vanity for getting ready. I loved the idea and am running with it, and I’m including the one I picked! Also including a Before picture of the space because it’s just so ridiculous. A 500-gallon tub and orange tile EVERYWHERE. Not enough orange, you say? Let's match the walls to the tile. Not enough crazy you say? Let's INSTALL WINE RACKS ALL AROUND THE TUB (you can't see them in the picture because of the angle, but they are most definitely there). It was hard to see past, for sure, but there is so much potential (especially now that it’s demoed) The space is so big, the ceilings are vaulted, and the beams along it are really pretty. Best of all, there’s an amazing sauna that’s already there that will adjoin the new glass shower. Wish us luck as we put it all back together. I’ll be sure to share the final product once we get there!