Friday, April 5, 2019

March Amazon Favorites

It's that time again! My round up of my absolute favorite Amazon purchases or finds from the month of March. Here we go!

1. Veggie Wash: Life changing stuff right here. If you think rinsing fruits and veggies with water is cleaning them, wait until you see the water that remains after you soak them in this Veggie Wash.

2. ROC Deep Wrinkle Filler: This stuff is pure magic, and I swear I saw results overnight. I use this in laugh lines and forehead creases, and it softens both more than anything else I’ve ever tried.

3. Minimalist Earrings: These earrings in rose gold are what I wear anytime I dress up a little bit. I love how simple and easy they are, and they also get bonus points for being hypoallergenic, anti-tarnish, and super light weight.

4. ORLY Nailpolish: This was just raved about on a thread I was following as the absolute perfect pink/nude polish. I have this ordered and can’t wait to try it.

5. Espadrille Sandals: I adore these in the perforated 2-Gray shade. Such a fun twist to traditional espadrilles, with a platform that isn’t too high.

6. Pantry or Refrigerator Organization: 'Tis time for spring cleaning, and the pantry is the first on our list. These bins will finally keep all of our food organized by type.

7. Springy Pajamas: So comfortable and cozy for spring.

8. Gingham Swimsuit: My pick for a month and a half from now when we open our pool, hooray!

9. Doormat: A pretty and understated doormat to pair with some potted flowers to spruce up your front porch.

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