Monday, May 2, 2022

My International Travel Carry-On Essentials with Kids

Hi Friends! It's MAY. How, I do not know, but here we are, in the middle of spring, but also just a few days out from the last snow and hail storm that came our way unseasonably late. We are so, so ready for some sunshine, and as some of you know, we're heading out to Finland and Norway for the month of June. We'll be celebrating my sister's wedding in Finland (!!!), and then heading over to Oslo, Lillehammer, and the REAL Arendal in Norway before heading back home. Nothing beats a Scandinavian summer, and I'm already planning, pulling things aside, and starting to get my carry-on ready since I'll be flying with all three kids. I have a handy checklist that I previously made, here, that I'll refer back to, but also wanted to share my absolute 100% must-have items that we wouldn't survive without when on the plane together. New to the line up is my Thule bag, a Mother's Day gift to me that I've been wishing for. It's absolutely perfect for a carry-on and fits EVERYTHING, but also comes with a small detachable day-pack that can be used as a diaper bag once you reach your destination. 10/10 recommend.
Bag: As mentioned above. The VIP in this whole round-up.

Adapter: Always make sure you have your phone charger and a travel adapter in your carry-on in case luggage gets lost! 

Water Bottle: This one is the perfect leak-proof water bottle that comes with a straw for my kids to drink from without spilling all over themselves. We've had good luck with security, who are generally flexible about me bringing liquids through when traveling with small kids.

Clorox Wipes: Self explanatory, but very necessary to wipe down windows, arm rests and tray tables upon boarding. I also buy travel hand sanitizers and clip one to each of the bookbags that the bigger kids carry themselves.

Battery Bank: We've experienced being stranded on the tarmac for over 4 hours before take off, and the kids' tablets were already starting to run low on battery. This bank allows all kinds of electronic devices to be plugged into it to charge while you fly.

Cozy Socks: A must have for all of us! We love to put our cozy socks on when we fly because the airplane is always freezing cold.

Passport Wallet: A necessity to fit 5 of our passports in at once while still keeping them organized. Also fits all of your money and credit cards.

Neck Pillow: I thought I had tried them all, but then my mother-in-law got me this one. Incredibly comfortable and necessary for me to TRY to rest a little bit on our red-eye over the Atlantic. 

Travel Tylenol: Important for adults + kids in case of somebody not feeling well during the extremely long travel day. We also pack kids' Melatonin for the overnight flight for them to get a little bit of sleep.

Wet Bags: Do not skip these. A change of clothes for everyone, packed in a wet bag, is a MUST. We've been burned before!

Tablet: Sure, we pack books, games, and cards, but the ultimate holy-grail are these tablets that keep them entertained the longest.

Now tell me, is there anything I'm forgetting? Are you traveling with kids this summer? I'd love to hear all about your adventures too!

Monday, April 4, 2022

New Guest Bath, who dis.

Another post! As Oskar would say, "Who even am I?" I'm excited to share our renovated bathroom with you because 1) I love it, and 2) It will likely never be this clean again. This project went hand-in-hand with our downstairs mudroom project, here, because our laundry room used to be where we expanded our entry way and installed cabinetry for additional storage. So, we had to find a new home for our washer and dryer, and what better place than in an oversized guest bathroom located on our second floor? No more hauling laundry up and down stairs was an added bonus that I could absolutely get behind. The concept of laundry in a bathroom is a very European one and I'm all about it. The kids come home, throw their school clothes into the washing machine and wash their hands in one fell swoop. Or, when they jump in the shower at the end of the day, their clothes get tossed right in. We still had plenty of room for a vanity, even with the added laundry space, though smaller than before. Plus, we added an oversized tub that everybody loves. 

First, some "before" pictures of our early 80s bathroom that hadn't been touched since the house was built.

And now, the after! So much lighter, brighter, and more functional. The built in washer and dryer are the real MVPs, with so much countertop space for folding and sorting (within 7 business days). We really love it, and hope you do too! Sources for anything I could link, below!


Friday, April 1, 2022

Easter Basket Gift Guide

Happy Friday, friends! I put together an Easter basket guide for some fun ideas that, most importantly, aren't junk. Nothing worse than useless plastic that ends up in the garbage, am I right? All of these things are making their way into the baskets of my three, with many being repeat offenders for favorite stuffers, year after year. Most loved are Bubble Podz (all-natural, unscented pods that give you the BUBBLIEST bath ever), Natives (our live-in shoe for months March-September), swimsuits, and magic (HUGE) bubbles to play with outside. Also, peep that initial hat that I just couldn't resist a few years back. They're still in use today. 

1. Bubble Pods

2. Sprinkle Goggles

3. Initial Hat

4. Egg Chalk

5. Long Sleeved One Piece

6. Natives

7. Garden Tools

8. Paint by Sticker

9. Lemon Pajamas

10. Glasses

11. Diving Gems

12. Giant Bubble Kit

13. Swim Trunks

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Letter to August on his 6th Birthday

Dear August,

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I have such a soft spot for you, my baby boy. You’re my sensitive, empathetic, more reserved little emote and you feel all things BIG. You’re made to be a middle child, it’s true, but that doesn’t always mean it’s fair when your brother and sister demand all the things until you finally get some time yourself, which you lap up and cherish. Quality time is absolutely, 100%, your love language and there’s nothing I love more than when I get to spend some of it with you.

You started kindergarten this year, such a milestone. I was in no way ready and I held my breath that you would be after a few weird years hunkered down at home during the pandemic. You started the year off shy and reserved, slowly, carefully, peeling back your layers. We went 180 on that one, though, and now when I pick you up, I get updates on which voice you performed for the class all day or which character you played. You typically run out to hug me with a British/cowboy/robot accent, which I’ll take as a good sign (I think). You're every teacher's favorite now, and they always pull me aside to secretly tell me so. So far, you’re cruising right through academically, and even got put into an advanced reading group this period. I was so proud of you, but you were even prouder. Those moments of self-love don’t come super frequently for you because you’re always comparing, striving, and looking to your older brother, wanting to be at the same level as him on everything. The unfair burden of a younger sibling to bear.

I really wanted to find an activity just for YOU this year and enrolled you in an art class on Monday evenings. You’re already so creative and imaginative and love to doodle and draw, so I thought this might just be the perfect fit. I’ll never forget your face that first day, coming home with a Mario painted canvas, running around the house chanting, “I love art! I love art!”. You’ve had 5 months worth of classes now, bringing home your masterpieces week after week. Your confidence has soared being the best at something in our house—an area that Oskar doesn’t hold a candle to. I hope your love of painting continues forever.

I also set a goal for you to learn how to ride your bike before turning 6 and getting you to be brave enough to try was a battle we fought for months and months. We worked on this together for SO LONG, until one winter day you took off across the cul de sac on your own. I feel like this will be a core memory for both of us. Something we did, and overcame, together. I’ll never forget it.

You’re starting soccer again, something you’re happy enough to tag along to. I’m curious if this will become a passion of yours. For now, it’s so fun for Maren and me to cheer for you on the sidelines. She’s your biggest fan.

Speaking of Maren, the bond you two have made this year is just absolute magic and watching her take you by the hand to play is something I wasn’t sure would happen with a 4-year age gap. She is absolutely in love with “her August”, and wants you to play on the trampoline, to snuggle up with her on the couch, or to read with her in your bed. You’re the first person she asks for and sees when picked up from school. As much as you do play alongside of and try to appease a 2-year-old, most of your time is spent with your big brother, playing Nintendo, wrestling on forts you built downstairs, or playing outside. Big kid stuff. You spend plenty of time on your own, too, and are so imaginatively invested in your LEGOs and the worlds you make up. I can often find you with a chair scooted up to a buffet in the dining room, where you’ve sprawled out your favorite sets and make up dialogues between the good guys and bad guys.

You’re a lover and a pacifist and are rarely the one to get in trouble in this house. You slip away to your room any time you’re upset until you’re ready to reappear and have even starting journaling your feelings—a cue even adults could take from you. You lost both upper and lower teeth within weeks of each other, and now have the biggest, toothless smile that is just so perfect for a newly turned 6 year old.

You love so big and so hard, and those closest to you are the most important in the entire world. You make a few close friends and hang on tight and invest all of your energy into them. They love you so much in return, and I’m certain these friendships will be ones that last a lifetime.

You are SO excited to be turning 6 and have been counting down the days for weeks now. Your birthday might just be your very favorite day of the year, and I’m happy, but sad, to see you turning one year older. The eternal struggle that is motherhood. I can’t wait to surround you with all of the Mario, Luigi, and Star Wars a 6-year-old could dream. There’s no one that deserves it more.

I love you infinitely, my forever baby boy. I’ll never forget the day you were born and looking into that beautiful face of yours for the very first time. What a joy it has been to watch you grow for 6 whole years.




Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mudroom Reveal

Hi! Here with our long-awaited (and 99% complete!) mudroom, which has been months in the planning/designing and even longer in the waiting-on-backlogged-materials-to-finally-ship phases. Thanks supply chain. What we started with was an extremely narrow and dark hallway that was full of coats, shoes, bookbags, and soccer bags. It was also the first impression of our home, with a wall in front of your face as soon as you entered, behind which was a laundry room that was absolutely not the most functional place to have to lug dirty clothes to every day. I've added some not-so-flattering before photos, and granted, I could've probably photographed the space a little bit better, but they're not so far off from real day-to-day life. Needless to say, the space just was not working for our family of 5. 

Looking down the front hallway, entry way door past the coat closet to your left, laundry room to your right. Some cardboard had already been thrown down by the contractors that day:

Laundry room:

So, I dreamt up a plan where the walls would come down, windows would be added for tons of natural light, and storage would be a-plenty, with everyone getting their own cubbies for ALL THE THINGS. That's what we now have, and I'm so in love.  It's hard to imagine it's the same space, but alas. The cabinets are in what was previously the laundry room, which got moved upstairs into another new space that I can't wait to share with you also.

The last remaining piece to finish out here is to add hooks and hardware into the cubbies and onto the board above the sitting bench, which should be coming in soon. Any questions on anything, just let me know! I've added a few sources to things, below. I hope you love this glow up as much as we do!

Plaster Clay Art and Plant Stand: TJ Maxx
Floors: The Tile Shop
Cabinets: Pro Source

Thursday, March 10, 2022

A Letter to Maren on her 2nd Birthday

 Dear Maren,

The last time I wrote you a birthday letter, we were still home, quarantining, and staying safe from COVID. We were starting to get ready to turn a page, and it finally, finally feels like we have. We’ve slowly and cautiously made our way back into the world, and it feels like such a weight lifted to be able to not worry so darn much anymore. To live an almost normal life with you as my little sidekick—never, ever far away from my leg or my hip, a mama’s girl, through and through.

Words can’t express how much happiness you bring us all. As sad as I am about you getting older, this is such an incredible age. Your speech is at an absolutely astounding level, with you rattling off paragraphs on end. Hearing you narrate your life through your words is just so fun, and we laugh 100 times a day about the things you say. Some of my favorites:

Waking up at 5am, whispering directly in my eardrum: “What do you want to do downstairs?”

“Dada is going to work to take care of sick people with bananas and crackers.”

“Mama, come here and snuggle buggle!”

“A quarter? What the heck is a quarter?”

Me: Are you a beautiful little girl? You: No! I’m Maren Josefine!

Pointing at the dead fish at the seafood counter, wide eyed: “It’s baby shark.”

My heart explodes when I see you giggle, or chatter, or take your brothers by the hand to boss them around in whatever game you’d like to play with them. They’re both so patient with you and love to make you happy even when you demand everything that’s theirs, from toys to food to mama’s attention. You’re the perfect endcap to our family. Everybody’s favorite.

Your sleep is still terrible, but it’s funny how perspective changes with the last baby, and the fleeting moment that this feels like in the grand scheme of things. You’re up through the night, crying to come into our bed, and somewhere along the way we cave in and grab you and tuck you in between us where you snuggle up and eventually fall asleep. You’re off to school on most mornings and always tell me you don’t want to go and that you “cry all day”, but your teachers assure me that you’re happy and play right along with all the other boys and girls. The dramatics.  At drop off you always remind me, and your teachers, that “Mama will ALWAYS come back”—such an emphasis on the ALWAYS, and that this most certainly is a temporary situation, just so everybody knows it. You know your ABCs, your colors, and can count to about 15, and then randomly jump around to 20. You’re so interested in homework and tests and pretend to do yours along side of your brothers after school.  When I pick you up you gallop to me (literally), and jump into my arms, ready to go home.

Our biggest challenge this year has been all of the daycare germs. The constant runny noses, ear infections, quarantines, and stomach flus. We’ve been through the ringer, and none of it was even COVID. Hoping that we get a little bit of a reprieve from the worst of it as we turn the corner to spring.

You traveled to Finland over Christmas which was, by far, your biggest adventure. Aside from the jet-lag that never relented, you did so well, even with bumps in the road (like a 4hr 15 min delay on the tarmac that nearly did me in). We’re getting ready to do it all over again + a stop in Norway in just a few short months this summer, so fingers crossed that you’ll repeat your overall A+ performance.

A whole new world of play has opened up to me after two boys. You love baby dolls and to rock them, push them in strollers, or pat them to sleep. You love coloring and painting and spend so much of your time laying on your belly on the floor with a big piece of paper and a handful of markers, doodling and drawing with the pencil grip of a kindergartner. It’s truly amazing. You love climbing into my lap to read books with your favorites on repeat. Going on a Bear Hunt, The Gruffalo, and any fairy tale get gold, silver, and bronze. Above all, you love to play downstairs with your brothers, running between the trampoline and some foam climbing blocks, yelling at them to do just what you want.

You nursed until 16 months, but stopped on your own, and became disinterested enough to never ask to nurse again. You’re still such a good eater and love nothing more than salmon and mashed potatoes. We’ve slowly taken you out to restaurants, and you’re so fun to go out to eat with because you like everything. Relishing these days until the picky toddler phase inevitably begins.

Your hair is so long now and gets comments from everybody. Still so blonde and a little bit wavy, up in a ponytail every day to keep it out of your big blue eyes. You ask for a “piggy tail” when it’s down, my favorite thing. Another surprise of having a girl is your absolute tyranny over what you wear, which absolutely must be pink and must be hand selected, if we can even manage to get you dressed at all. “Pajamies” are your favorite, and you call them “comfy cozy”, flat out refusing to put clothes on most days without some serious round-table talks. 

You’re most often found on my hip with your two fingers in your mouth, holding my necklace with your other hand. My necklace is your biggest security blanket, something you reach for all throughout the day and demand for me to put back on if I ever dare take it off. Sweet and endearing unless it’s at 2am.

You’re napping for 2 hours at school but put up a heck of a fight to do the same at home, with me having to lay with you in my bed to get you to fall asleep at all. I’m toast already. You’re in your crib to sleep at 8pm after a half an hour of reading and 25 rounds of "Wheels on the Bus" and protest for 10 minutes or so by yelling at me to open the door before laying down and falling asleep on your own.

I feel so incredibly lucky that we had this chance to have you, our last baby, our daughter. Life feels so full and so complete, and watching you grow is one of the greatest gifts of my life. You’re such a vibrant, happy, smart little girl, and your ponytails and chubby cheeks will be etched in my brain and heart forever. Happy 2nd birthday, sweetheart (even though I know you’ll tell me, “I’m not sweetheart! I’m Maren Josefine!”). We all just truly love to love you.      

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Favorite Purchases for Him in 2021

Back again with Matt's round-up of all of the purchases he loved most in 2021. When the man gets excited about something, get ready to hear about it every time he uses it, and then again the next day. Here's everything that got the most rants and raves during our most recent lap around the sun.

one: if you take nothing else away from this post, just take this: get your man these pants. The most comfortable, flattering, versatile pant that he's slowly been purchasing in every single color.

two: sunglasses are on every darn gift guide, but Matt swears these are different. A flexible frame that bends when needed, they also feel like they adjust to the light "They make driving towards the sun incredibly comfortable", he says, as he excitedly demonstrates this while putting them on and pretending to drive a car as I type this.

three: a battery charge checker when he's really in dad mode and switching out batteries in all the things. This tells you if a battery has any charge left or if it's totally dead, if you're anything like us and just end up with a junk drawer full of them.

four: I swear Matt started some kind of love affair with Thule, but here's just one of his purchases that goes everywhere with him: weekend trips and on European vacations alike. This is actually a kind of two-in-one bookbag, with a smaller day pack clipped onto the front. Incredibly handy for a carryon, I must admit. Also makes me laugh because when we first started dating he would show up on my doorstep with a cardboard box full of his stuff because he had no bag at all. 

five: Alright, hear him out on this one, because I totally buy the hype. A wireless Apple Car Play adapter for your car. Your iPhone automatically connects to your car's Apple Car Play functionality without having to mess around with wires, plugs, etc. So convenient. 

six: he says to keep this in the car if you need just about any tool you can think of: pliers, scissors, screwdriver for small repairs. It's come in handy so many times.

seven: If you're an ice person, this makes the most satisfying ice cubes without the insane price tag of a nugget ice maker. This one has a permanent place on our bar cart and is used throughout each day.

eight: These were the best stocking stuffer of 2020 that we've used almost every single day since. They don't sweat, they keep beverages cold, and they're so satisfying to drink out of. 5 stars from both of us.

nine: Matt's favorite read of the year. Impactful and moving, this one really got him. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

My Favorite Purchases in 2021 (for me)

Happy New Year! A quick round up, below, of the first things that came to mind when thinking of my favorite purchases for ME last year. I love to see what other people loved as well so I know what's really worth the buy. Also hoping to round up Matt's favorite things, our favorite purchases for the home, and favorite purchases for the kids. Be back soon!

one: these boots were exactly what I had been looking for and was never able to find. Until I did! I wear them with everything. Honorable mention to these boots that I have equal love for, but are much spendier.

two: this lash serum got my lashes to grow to crazy lengths last year. Now I just apply once or twice a week to maintain.

three: the absolute best foundation I've ever used.

four: my favorite--and most flattering--two piece that also covers and holds everything in place while chasing after 3 kids.

five:our splurge purchase of 2021. Matt and I fell in love with the Peloton and moved our hobby to outside trails in the warm weather months. Whenever we have a chance to leave the kids at home for a few hours we pack up our bikes and ride 10-20 miles.

six: my every day earrings that I never take off.

seven: meet my favorite battery powered taper candles that click on with a remote every time the sun starts to go down. They create the coziest, comfiest atmosphere in our living room.

eight: I never thought I'd see the day where I transitioned from skinny jeans, but here we are. These jeans wear so well and are so flattering on a body type like mine. I also love love love these jeans that are more of an investment.

nine: The shoes my closet was missing. Now I wear them more than any other shoe I own.

ten: I'm super sensitive to most scents, but a (very) light spray of this perfume is just enough and smells so, so good.

eleven: I've been hyper invested in hair health after a horrible experience at the salon that broke so much of my hair. This hair oil, a heat protectant, a silk pillow case, and a good, quality hair dryer (Matt's christmas gift to me last year) has worked wonders.

twelve: body suits for life. I dress them up (if I ever get the chance to go anywhere), I dress them down. These ones are my favorite with slightly thicker fabric that still offers a lot of stretch.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Our Favorite Books for Halloween

October eve calls for a switch to all things Halloween, including all of our books on our bookshelves in lieu of our favorites for fall. We have each of the books below and I can highly recommend them all. Added bonus? They display so nicely and really serve as d├ęcor as well. Books, plus a few fun throw pillows, really change the boys' rooms and set the tone for the few months ahead.

1. Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories: I got this for Oskar this year and am so darn excited to read it with him. Roald Dahl plus spooky stories...yes yes YES.

2. The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt: A sweet story about a ghost who is a quilt instead of a sheet, teaching us that it's ok--and good!--to be different.

3: The Scariest Book Ever: A funny book narrated by a melodramatic ghost narrator, who is out to prove that this is, in fact, the SCARIEST book ever.

4. The Little Witch: I started reading this with Oskar and he loves it. Classics never die, as proven by this 60th anniversary edition of a lifelong favorite for many.

5. Creepy Carrots: Not to be outdone by it's sister book Creepy Pair of Underwear, both boys always reach for this quirky Caldecott Honor winning picture book.

6. Gilbert The Ghost:A perfect book on being shy, and finding the bravery to be yourself. I love this one for August.

7. The Dark: A story of overcoming a fear of the dark, written in an eerie yet beautiful way. 

8. Triangle: A pair of practical jokesters, leaving the reader wondering who started it. One of August's very favorites.

9. They All Saw a Cat: One of our very favorites for years and years. A Caldecott medalist for its vivid and creative illustrations showing the different ways animals view and see a cat.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Life Lately

Friends, I miss you, and I miss this space. Summer was such a full and busy few months and I stepped away from social media for good chunks of time, but I wanted to jot down what's been going on with all of us, because it really does feel like a lot!

1. Starting off a few months ago. August became an amazing, jump-off-the-diving-board, swim entire lengths of the pool swimmer, which was just in time for me to juggle 3:1 around the water. His proud half smiles are my very favorite and engrained in my mind forever.

2. My sister visited for an entire month in July, and we were able to do so many things. Kennywood and trampoline parks and professional picnics and birthday celebrations and a night of pure bachelorette party night debauchery on a floating tiki hut cruising down the rivers of Pittsburgh. Turns out I'm not 18 anymore.

3. We took the kids to Presque Isle for a weekend--a super easy drive for us, and their first time to a beach. They played in the sand and swam in the lake, and then we re-grouped at a pretty hotel overlooking the bay. The perfect mini get-away.

4. Matt and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary in Nantucket, which, as promised, was pure and utter magic. A blog post coming on all of my favorite things there, but if you have any questions before I get that put together, please let me know. The beaches and seals and food and lighthouses--it was all like out of a movie.

5. Everyone went back to school at the end of August, and I guess I didn't know how much stress and tension I had built up, but it all felt like a huge release once we were back on a schedule and I finally was able to focus on one thing at a time again. Maren is in full day daycare, where she is thriving (AND SLEEPING), August is in full day Kindergarten, where he's winning over teachers and new friends left and right, and Oskar is in 1st grade. A few stories about the boys.

August was nervous to start at a new school. I checked in with his teacher after a few days to see how he was doing, to which she said, "He's doing great. Participating, raising his hand. But, I just have to tell you, every time he talks he crosses his eyes at us." A trick he learned from his brother. Yep.

He has also gotten into a routine (a REALLY prolonged joke) of pretending to faint every time I pick him up from school. I then have to drag his corpse to the car in front of all of the other parents, because he does not break character no matter how much yelling through my gritted teeth I do.

Then there's Oskar. We found out at the end of the academic year last year that he was tested, and qualified, to skip a grade in math. In addition, he's in a small enrichment group for his advanced reading. So really, he's thriving and also so darn proud of himself. He has 2nd grade friends, and 1st grade friends, and friends from soccer, and friends from truly feels like going out on the town with the Mayor when we go anywhere because there is always, always somebody that he knows.

6. Maren is 18 months old now, an amazingly fun and also difficult age. So many opinions and already protesting for equal rights. She's talking so, so much and stringing 2 and even 3 words together. We all love her endlessly, though, and she really is everybody's baby. Her favorite thing is getting her brother off the bus, and squeals and screams when she sees it coming.

7. Fall is here, and so is soccer, with both boys playing with practices or games often at the very same time. Convenient. Oskar broke his wrist one week into the season and had to take a brief hiatus, but is back at it now that his pain has subsided. A right of passage in this house--first x-rays, first cast. We survived.

8. A commonly asked question--Maren still sleeps like garbage, with wake ups between 5:30-6am no matter what we try. Following in her brothers' footsteps, so its really nothing new for us. She's also a terrible napper when she's at home, but sleeps for 2 hours at school, no problem. This morning she woke up at 5:35 and tried out a new sentence on me: "Where's your robe". And, on the topic of sleep, the tooth-fairy has been a frequent visitor, with August losing a tooth and Oskar losing his 5th.

9. We're hoping to take the kids to Finland for Christmas but this COVID surge is putting a bit of a wrench in things and figuring out whether its truly safe to travel with a toddler. When this world will return to normal, I just don't know, but it's hard not to get frustrated and sad this many months out. Matt's hospital is now on a "Treatment Delay Advisory", both due to increased patient load AND staffing issues due to burn-out. 

10. And finally, some things Matt and I have really been enjoying lately. Long bike rides on a trail near by (whenever we have the chance), finishing Breaking Bad (I had never seen it), Peloton-ing, and concert going (Green Day/Weezer + Alanis Morissette). Life is busy, but it is good, and I really am trying to make this "The Year of YES" after hunkering down for so long. 

Hoping to be back soon with some of my favorite things lately--recipes and fall plans and tips and tricks for easier mornings. Thanks, as always, for reading along!

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