Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Best Sellers from the Blog

Today, I’m sharing the top 10 best sellers from my blog from the ENTIRE year, in case you’re still on the hunt for just the right gift to give to somebody this holiday season! It always helps to see what others are loving, so hopefully this does exactly that for you. Some FAQs right off the bat:

  • I have no idea who views my blog, or who purchases what. It’s all totally anonymous and untraceable, and the analytics do not or cannot provide this level of detail. I am not Big Brother, so don’t you worry.
  • Most of my links are affiliate links, meaning they’re commissionable to the tune of 1% of the purchase price (if that). Really, just peanuts, but it’s nice to be able to treat myself to a cup of coffee or two since many of these posts really are time consuming to put together. The blog is something I view as a hobby, but a few dollars back here or there is such a nice bonus. Shopping through my links does not affect the purchase price for you, the end consumer, so that said, I always am so appreciative when you give me that credit!
Now that that’s all out of the way, here are your (collective) top 10 most purchased items in 2018. These match so closely with what I love the most as well, which is always so great to see!

1. Baebody Eye Gel for Appearance of Dark Circles: This one blew everything else out of the water and I totally see why. This is in my nightly routine and has completely brightened up my eyes. I get to product test a lot of skincare related serums, night creams, undereye treatments, etc., and this one is still hands down my favorite and costs way less than others just like it.

2. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder: This stuff is THE BEST for brightening your smile and whitening your teeth. Skip the gels, strips, or toothpastes that never work that well anyways—this stuff is LEGIT.

3. Memory Foam Pillow: 15,000 reviews don’t lie. This is the best thing you can invest in for yourself for sound, restorative sleep.

4. Booties: A jackpot find on a $30 budget. These are so cute, comfortable, and affordable. I love them in every color.

5. Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup: You guys LOVED this one. This is just like the Naked pallet for way less money. Such a good stocking stuffer idea.

6. Glamorous Wash: I’m glad you took my word on this stuff, because it. is. AMAZING. This is the absolute best scented laundry detergent on the face of this earth, and I wash all of my sheets with it. You can mix this with all Free & Clear to get this to last you even longer. This also makes for a great gift since it’s definitely a splurge when laundry detergent is concerned, but your bedding will never smell better.

7. Crocs Kids' Handle It Boot: A great, easy to slip on (because of the handles), rubber boot for kids that are great for spring and fall alike. Plus, these hold great re-sale value since the quality is so good.

8. Diaper Bag by Miss Fong: This is such a great gift for any new mom or new moms of 2+ babies that will now be very much in need of a backpack style diaper bag to have all hands accessible. I love the look of this diaper bag (which looks JUST like the pricey Fawn, by the way), which is only surpassed by its functionality.

9. L'Oréal Paris Makeup Magic Skin Beautifier: This is such a great face primer that makes your skin look matte while removing any redness or imperfections. I Subscribe and Save to this and apply this before my BB cream to set my face for the day.

10. Bar Earrings: These are so dainty and pretty and can be worn with anything. My favorite part is that they’re delicate enough that I can sleep with them in and they don’t bother me. These are the earrings that are almost always in my ears unless I’m getting dressed up.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Pajamas for Kids

Oh, the sweetness of pajamas in December. The boys live in them, which has become kind of a running joke in this family. As soon as they walk in the door, they strip down and leave a trail of clothes directly to their dressers, where they get their comfy and cozy pajamas on "to snuggle up", as August puts it. Here's a round-up of many of the sets I was torn between this year. Come follow along on Instagram @laurablog1 to see which ones we chose, and let me know which ones are your favorite! 

1. Buffalo Check

8. Footie Pajamas (important note: these are even cuter on bigger kids, like ours!)


Monday, December 3, 2018

Children's Christmas Books: 2018 Picks and our Book-Style Advent Calendar

Happy Monday, friends, and HAPPY DECEMBER! Today, I'm bringing you a round-up of Christmas books for the boys that we're adding to our collection this year, advent-calendar style, for the last 10 days of the month. The Final Countdown! I'll be wrapping them up and numbering them, and they'll get to open one a day to read together as a family before bed. This is one of their Christmas presents to them from mama and dada--a great idea for any little ones who already have everything or where no more toys are wanted. Our Christmas book pile has been growing and growing, in the best possible way, and one day, I'll be giving these to the boys to read to THEIR babies. Tear. So here they are, the top 10 that made the cut for us this year! You can also find what we picked out last year here.