Friday, September 4, 2020

6 to 9 Month Favorites for Baby

Happy happy Friday, friends! My last one before starting work next week. It's hard to believe it's been 6 whole months. I thought I was ready to go back, and now that Tuesday looms ahead, I'm feeling a huge pit in my stomach, not knowing how I'm going to balance it all with the added joys of virtual learning and taking care of an infant on the side. Though the boys have a teacher, they'll still be at home, which is also where I'll be working from. We weren't comfortable sending Maren to daycare, so she'll be my tiny wing woman for the time being, with my mom and Matt's mom helping to take care of her when they can, and Matt taking vacation days to fill in the gaps. It'll be a circus around here, but all we can do is take it a day at a time. 

On to the goods. I rounded up all of Maren's and my FAVORITE things for her age, which just so happens to be one of the best. I love how aware, alert, charismatic, and curious she is. She's learning how to sit, started sleeping in a crib through the night, and BEST OF ALL, she REACHES FOR ME. Is there ANYTHING BETTER than that?

Owlet: This small sock on baby's foot reads heartbeat and oxygenation levels throughout the night, so instead of me constantly waking and checking on her like I used to do, this puts my mind at ease. This is right around the age where babies move to cribs and SIDS rates are at their highest, and the peace of mind that this little gadget provides has provided me many added hours of sleep.

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair: The high chair I always wanted but was priced out of until I found it on Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale and price matched elsewhere once they sold out of it. Not only is it beautiful, it’s so dang functional and perfect for Maren to sit at the table with all of us. After reading articles written by occupational therapists, I came to understand the importance of a solid foundation for feet while eating. Without a footrest, babies and toddlers feel imbalanced and insecure, which makes eating more of a challenge. This chair should transition well into the toddler years by removing the baby seat. Plus, once we’re all done with it, the resale value holds strong.

Sleep Sack: The comfiest, coziest, PRETTIEST sleep sack that there ever was. Maren slept through her entire first night in her crib in this. Hanna Andersson quality at an Amazon price. I adore these.

Playtime Peekaboo Books: The absolute best books for this age. I swear by these, and started my boys on them when they were babies. Maren has already learned to lift the flaps and anticipates the pop up pictures. Perfect before bedtime to establish the bath/books/bed routine.

Teethers: Maren's favorite things in life. So easy to grip and for little hands to hold. Everything goes right into the mouth these days, and these are great for little teething gums to gnaw.

Outward Facing Carrier: I moved Maren into this outward facing carrier after she outgrew her infant carrier (from my 0-3 months favorites post, here).  She's so much more alert, aware, and curious about her surroundings, and facing outward on our daily walks makes her squeal with glee.

Baby Swing: We've had this since Oskar was a baby, and it's just as big of a hit for her as it was for him. One of my very favorite things to do with her on cooler mornings or on pretty fall days.

Baby Walker: I don't know what else I can say over the 22,000 5-star reviews that this thing has, but it's a classic for a reason. The front board comes off to play with on the floor for tummy time or for sitters, and clips back on to be pushed around for cruisers. We sing these songs all darn day.

Leaf Spoons: The very best spoons for solids, these get EVERY last bit of food and are so satisfying and gentle on baby's gums.

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