Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Best Books for 18-24 Months

Books are treasured around here, so much so that Oskar demanded to sleep with stacks of them in his toddler bed for almost a year straight. One of my sweetest memories from when he was littler. Neither of our boys is particularly good at independent play, but books keep them the busiest and quietest out of all of their toys. August has been following in his brother's footsteps, and I thought a post on some of our favorite books for the 18-24 month age range would be next up, since we've now lived it nearly twice through (ah!). Below are the ones that are most frequently in our bedtime story rotation for August and have been loved by both of our boys.

Bear Says Thanks: This might be August’s favorite book of all time. He knows all the words, and we pause and let him complete the sentences when reading it to him. “Bear Says” is a whole series and this one is a great first choice.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: It’s a classic for a reason and we've had this in the bedtime routine for a long time.  Lots of onomatopoeia and sound words. 

Where the Wild Things Are: Oh, how this one has been so loved by both boys. I had to include it here.

Hands are Not For Hitting: This is a great book for the 18 month-2 year age group, where emotions are BIG and impulse control is hard to navigate. This is a great reminder about what hands ARE for: helping, holding, waving, but not for hitting. 

The Color Monster: A pop up book about feelings. How much better can it get for a 2 year old? But really, so engaging and such a good message.

Hippos Go Berserk: One of our all time favorites, but you have to sing it! Both boys memorize the words and sing it together. August always flips back to the page where the hippos go berserk because we bounce him around.

Goodnight Moon: I used to think this one was for an older age group, but 18 months is just right. For those of you with Goodnight Moon nostalgia, you’ll remember that there is a mouse hiding on every other page, which toddler hands love to find. 

The Big Red Barn: Just as in her classic Goodnight Moon, the author engages children and helps settle them down for sleep as they follow along with the animals from morning to night in the barnyard.

Wide Mouthed Frog: Another pop up book story about what happens to a frog when he stumbles across a hungry alligator. 
Goodnight Spot: You can’t go wrong with any books in the Spot series, but this one about bedtime has lots of sleepy vibes. 

Yummy: If you haven’t introduced your toddler to fairy tales yet, DO IT. This is a comprehensive collection of eight favorite fairy tales. Both of our boys absolutely adore the 3 Little Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff, and Jack and the Beanstalk and it’s produced a lot of imaginative play from them both. This book won an award for its vibrant and engaging illustrations. We borrowed it so many times from the library that we finally had to buy it for Christmas to have a copy of our own.

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