Monday, February 24, 2020

Baby Names We Love (but didn't choose)

Now that our third pregnancy is coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to list out all of the baby names we've ever considered or liked for our baby boys and girl. I've scoured the books, I've read through the forums. Naming a baby is hard work! I loved all of these, but ultimately had reasons why we didn't choose them in the end. We've always chosen very Scandinavian names to honor my roots, so most of these also reflect that fact.

For Boys:

1. Sebastian: this was our top contender had this third baby been a boy.

2. Henrik: I always loved this name, but we were afraid that he'd be nicknamed "Rick", which we didn't want. Oskar turned out to be Oskar Henri instead.

3. Elliot: This was always my favorite, but I could never get Matt on board.

4. Otto: Another one that I advocated for HARD, but Matt was afraid it sounded like "auto", as in automatic. Hmph.

5. Samuel: One of our favorites, but we were afraid it was too popular.

Other honorable mentions: Oliver, Noel, Jonas. And of course, our second baby boy became August James.

For Girls:

1. Evelina: So pretty, but again, there are about 100 Eve/Eva/Evie/Evelyns in the boys' school right now. We chose to pass for that reason.

2. Margot: I love this name, but Matt never agreed.

3. Miriam: Also super pretty, but I ended up having a huge name association with this one, as I have a boss in Germany named Miriam who is essentially "The Devil Wears Prada" personified.

4. Liv: Short and sweet, we both liked this one, but it didn't really fit with our last name.

5. Mila: When we didn't know whether Oskar was a boy or a girl, this was the girl name that we went to the hospital with. Which is funny, because now I don't feel it fits at all. We went back to the drawing board for this baby girl. 

Other honorable mentions: Mia, Helena, Signe. 

In just a few weeks we'll have another little lady to name and I'm excited to come back and update this post. For now, we wait, and hope that what we've finally settled on fits her sweet little face when she's born. Stay tuned 😊.

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