Thursday, May 21, 2020

0-3 Month Baby Favorites

Hi friends! I only have my littlest baby to take care of today and feel like THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER, so I wanted to share our most-loved baby gear for 0-3 months while I'm hanging with her. Three kids in, I've narrowed our must-have baby items to not that many at all. Here's what we've gotten the most use out of these last few months with baby Maren.

1. Baby Bjorn Mini: This thing has seen some serious miles logged in quarantine and is hands down the BEST way to wear a newborn. It’s so secure, comfortable, never slips, and baby loves it.

2. Mobile: Maren’s obsession. This mobile clips to strollers, car seats, activity mats, or anywhere else you may want to put it. This introduces baby to high contrast, black and white and color graphics for early visual and multisensory development.

3. Baby Bjorn Chair: We got this 6 years ago when Oskar was born, and its been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Our babies have loved sitting supported and upright in this chair from just a few weeks on, most often up on our kitchen counter (always supervised) while we’re cooking, or next to the dining room table when we’re eating. The best part about the chair is that it really does grow with your child. Oskar and August used it all the way through toddlerhood without the harness as a chair to sit in while watching TV, or to take along to watch fireworks, parades, etc.

4. Pacifier Straps: Instead of washing off a pacifier 100 times a day, I present to you these pretty little straps that keep pacifiers off of the floor. These are long time favorites in our house.

5. Activity Gym: The only place that Maren lets me put her down—the love for her activity gym started at just a few days old. Encourages eye tracking and, eventually, grabbing and grasping. This is also where we practice tummy time.

6. SNOO: I’ve talked A LOT about this bassinet on Instagram. It’s given us infinitely more sleep than we ever got with the boys—3-4 hour stretches on her first night home from the hospital, and 10:00pm-8am sleeps now at 2 months. It’s truly magic but definitely carries a price tag. Happiest Baby holds a few sales throughout the year (I’ve seen up to 40% off on Black Friday) and with a product that holds its resale value and gets instantly sold on Buy/Sell/Trade sites upon posting, we figured we’d end up paying just a few hundred dollars out of pocket once we sell ours to the next family. One thousand percent worth that amount for my sleep, which really equals my sanity.

7. Zutano Booties: I swear I reach for these every single day. These are the only socks/booties that stay on feet that are constantly kicking around. 

8. Ollie Swaddle: Our most loved swaddle and the only one you’ll ever need.

9. Boppy: I’m sure you all know the Boppy. What you may not realize you should also invest in are waterproof covers. These have been a lifesaver this go-around with a baby that spits up super easily. Make sure you first put the waterproof cover and THEN the normal cover on. The more you wash the pillow itself, the quicker it wears down and falls apart, and the waterproof cover is perfect for protecting it.  

The more kids we've had the more minimal we've gotten, and these staples have proved their worth time and again. If you're planning a registry or recently welcomed a baby, I know the amount of stuff out there can be SUPER overwhelming. Start here for the first few months, and I promise there isn't much else you need. After all, its a lot of sleep, eat, snuggle, poop, and repeat, and with diapers and boobs, you'll get pretty far.

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