Monday, June 15, 2020

Funny Kid Quotes: Oskar and August Edition

I was updating some baby books today and ended up reminiscing by pulling out one of our favorite things to flip through: this "My Quotable Kid" book in which we've written all of the funny things the boys have said over the years. I thought I'd share some favorites, below. Some of them really make me laugh out loud just thinking about them. Side note: highly recommend this as a gift for any toddlers in your lives.

Matt: Oskar, I love reading to you so much.
Oskar: Turn the page, weirdo.

August: They were talking about my eye while I was sleeping.
Matt: Behind your back?
August: No, my eye.

Matt: We're so lucky to have your mama.
Oskar: I know.
Matt: She's so beautiful.
Oskar: You're right, she is.
Matt: And she's always nice.
Oskar: She always is.
Matt: And she never yells.
Oskar: Yeah, she does yell.

August: Eeney meeney miney mo / Catch a tiger by the toe / If he hollers than you catch him.

After smashing my toe and breaking my toenail, I cried out in pain. Oskar came to the rescue to comfort me and told me, "It's OK mama, now you can put your toenail in your baby book."

August, in reference to toys he left outside: Oh great. Now they're all thunderstormed.

Oskar (as he picks a red card in candy land): "DAN. Oh. Sorry." (thinking he swore)

Nana took Oskar to the store, where a mom lost her patience with her daughter and yelled at her. Oskar turned to Nana and said, "She's probably a step-mother."

August: Can we play...can we play Super...Super Super Mario Party. How did I remember that?! I have such a bad memory, like Mummo (their grandma)!

Oskar: Do I have to work when I grow up?
Matt: Yes, because you need money.
Oskar: Why?
Matt: For food.
Oskar: I am going to make my workers give me candy.

Oskar, going downstairs: Be brave, be brave, be brave...HEY COME DOWN HERE, I CAN'T BE BRAVE.


August: Pick on your own smell (instead of size).

Oskar, while looking at a gold cross he got for his baptism: "Look mama! It's the Jesus logo."

August: In the Steelers game, do the Steelers kiss?

August, half asleep on the couch: "...can you....put...olives in my hand?"

Oskar: Dada, what are you reading about?
Matt: It's abougt a golfer.
Oskar: What happened to him?
Matt: Nothing, he just grew up near Pittsburgh and got famous.
Oskar: Did he die?
Matt: Well, yeah...but...
Oskar: I knew that would happen to him.

I hope these brightened your Monday like they did mine. Have a great week, my friends, and always pick on your own smell.

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