Thursday, August 6, 2020

Our Coronavirus Bathroom DIY

Hi everyone! Here with a fun post today. I super impulsively suggested (and then made Matt dive into) a bathroom renovation DIY over the last month. What I thought would be SUPER simple, well...wasn't exactly that in the end, but we still made a pretty drastic improvement with not a huge investment. We were forced to keep the vanity because when we first moved into our house, we replaced all of the crazy, mismatched flooring with hardwoods throughout, but didn't remove the bathroom vanity to place flooring underneath it. If we were to have removed the vanity now, that would have meant having to lay hardwood underneath it this many years later, and it just so happened that the flooring that we had selected 5 years ago has since been discontinued. SO. The original vanity had to stay. What I didn't know before I signed us up for this project was that the vanity was a totally custom size, which meant we couldn't simply order a new vanity top online. The biggest chunk of money went into the granite that we picked from a scrap pile left over from someone else's kitchen reno, which we then had sized and edged to fit our bathroom. Otherwise, it was fairly smooth sailing. We did everything else ourselves (really, it was mostly Matt), and even the wallpaper wasn't that big of a deal when all was said and done, though that's the part that we were dreading most. The toilet leaked a few times and the sink gave us a week worth of trouble that required Matt's dad to come in for reinforcement, but I'm happy to report that it's all in working order now. So here it is, the final product!

First, some before pictures. This space went pretty much untouched from the time we moved in. We used to call this the men's locker room because it reminded us of exactly that.

And here, the beautiful afters! Sources are all below if you have questions on where anything is from.


Hardware: cabinet pulls and hinges

Have you taken on any coronavirus projects while cooped inside? Would love to hear about anything you've DIY'ed in the last few months! No more reno for us until we're ready to tackle the very last project in our house: the guest bathroom upstairs. We'll save that beast for another year.

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