Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mudroom Reveal

Hi! Here with our long-awaited (and 99% complete!) mudroom, which has been months in the planning/designing and even longer in the waiting-on-backlogged-materials-to-finally-ship phases. Thanks supply chain. What we started with was an extremely narrow and dark hallway that was full of coats, shoes, bookbags, and soccer bags. It was also the first impression of our home, with a wall in front of your face as soon as you entered, behind which was a laundry room that was absolutely not the most functional place to have to lug dirty clothes to every day. I've added some not-so-flattering before photos, and granted, I could've probably photographed the space a little bit better, but they're not so far off from real day-to-day life. Needless to say, the space just was not working for our family of 5. 

Looking down the front hallway, entry way door past the coat closet to your left, laundry room to your right. Some cardboard had already been thrown down by the contractors that day:

Laundry room:

So, I dreamt up a plan where the walls would come down, windows would be added for tons of natural light, and storage would be a-plenty, with everyone getting their own cubbies for ALL THE THINGS. That's what we now have, and I'm so in love.  It's hard to imagine it's the same space, but alas. The cabinets are in what was previously the laundry room, which got moved upstairs into another new space that I can't wait to share with you also.

The last remaining piece to finish out here is to add hooks and hardware into the cubbies and onto the board above the sitting bench, which should be coming in soon. Any questions on anything, just let me know! I've added a few sources to things, below. I hope you love this glow up as much as we do!

Plaster Clay Art and Plant Stand: TJ Maxx
Floors: The Tile Shop
Cabinets: Pro Source

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