Monday, February 18, 2019

February Beauty Favorites

Hi friends! Here with a grab bag of random, but all beauty related, products that I've tried and loved in the last handful of months. I'll also be over on my stories @laurablog1 chatting through each if you're interested listening in there!

1. This "Glotion" is the first thing I put on my face every morning. It goes under my BB cream to give you the perfect dewey healthy glow while also moisturizing.

2. Uncomplicated Brush Set: I scooped these up with a gift card I got for Christmas (thanks mama!) and they were a game changer. I always thought I just stunk at putting on eye shadow, and kept it SUPER simple for that reason, but as it turns out, quality brushes make alllllllll the difference.

3. Bare Minerals Blush: The absolute perfect peachy blush for winter that wakes up my face.

4. Conditioner: Listen up, my fine haired friends. This one's for you. I am IN LOVE with this leave in conditioner, that not only smells amazing, but leaves my hair so soft and manageable without weighing it down one bit.  I run this through my ends only, and I swear my hair is healthier the more I use it.

5. Curling Bar: Another one for anybody with stubborn hair. I have 6 different curling wands or irons, and this one is far and above the best. My sister was home for Christmas and loved it so much that she went back home and bought it. For any of you interested, there is a 30% off coupon right now on Amazon (click the green box under the price to apply!)

6. Under Eye Concealer: My old faithful friend. I tried 2 different concealers that I got sent to try these last few months but nothing compared. I love the spongey applicator and how this blends to brighten up sleepy eyes.

7. Retinol Cream: I included this in my nightly skin care routine after running out of a bunch of old products and what a difference it has made in fading freckles and softening fine lines. PSA for pregnant or nursing mamas, no retinol for you.

8. Hand Cream: I bought two of these to sit on our nightstands as a reminder to use them. I wash my hands approximately 100 times a day because #kids, and Matt is constantly leaving patient rooms and sanitizing his hands, which has left them cracked and dry. A little of this goes a long way and has saved our skin.

9. Stila Lip Gloss: Meet my new favorite every day lip gloss that pairs perfectly with just about everything.

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