Friday, February 1, 2019

February Love

It's February! A few fun things on the docket this month, including lots of birthday parties, a retirement party for my Father-in-Law (bring on the babysitters!), and our annual girl's trip to a resort and spa, which we extended to TWO nights this year. Hooray! We have no real Valentine's Day plans, other than a heart shaped pancake breakfast and a few things we'll give them in their Valentine's Day baskets that I've picked up over the last few weeks. I like to get them each a book, pajamas, and some treats, which is just enough to get them excited and make the day feel special. Pajamas are the answer to everything around here, because both boys (and I) live in them anytime we're home.

Though the boys will probably have pancakes, thinking of making this Dutch Baby with Berry Compote recipe for Matt and me, which we saw on Worst Cooks in America. Looks SO GOOD.

In other parenting news, Oskar was originally due to transition to a Junior Kindergarten (Young 5s) classroom this month, but we decided to keep him in his current classroom for the time being and move him over in the fall instead. He'll have almost a full year in Junior Kindergarten before starting Kindergarten at our public elementary school the fall after he turns 6--the fall of 2020. The whether-or-not-to-hold-him back discussion has been going on for almost a year now, and after attending some Kindergarten registration meetings the last week, I think I finally feel comfortable with our decision to wait. There will be a whole separate post to lay out all of my thoughts there. Sometimes I wish there was a handbook for this stuff.

As far as August goes, I just can't believe he'll be 3 next month. He's so hilarious and such a big personality, and chose the same theme as last year's party: Batman. This will be the first party we're having outside of our house, at an indoor play place / toddler gym, because I've just felt so short on time. His gift from us will be a big boy room, which will take some time to pull together, but the first step will be transitioning out of his crib. As you all know, we waited as long as possible to do this because of how terribly it went with big brother. August has always been a little bit of a better sleeper than Oskar was, so here's to hoping the excitement of a big kid bed keeps him in it through the night.

We're all happy that the days are slowly getting a little bit longer, and we've had a few good snow days to sled ride and to build snowmen. This is the first year where both boys have really enthusiastically wanted to go outside to play in it, and I'm so glad we finally turned that corner. I think February is right when the cabin fever hits hardest, so we're always looking for places to go or activities to do. We've recently discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures on Amazon Prime, a really great 15 minute yoga "adventure" that both Oskar and August can follow along with and do. And they really like it! I will also add here that dada got a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, and Mario Kart tournaments have been getting pretty heated around here. We all head downstairs for 30 mins after dinner to play, August with an old PlayStation controller that isn't plugged in. Classic. 

Now that my busiest work month is behind me (#auditorproblems), I'm looking forward to being back and bringing you more fun content in the months to come. I have new recipes and podcasts I've tried and loved, and a few room renovations in our home on deck, and I can't wait to share them all with you. I'll also be back with some more great Amazon finds and a "Day in the Life" post since it's been a whole YEAR since my last one, here. So many ideas and so much to do! 

Wishing you all a VERY happy Friday and start to February, and a great weekend, ahead! XO.

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