Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Easter Basket Ideas and Inspiration

Hi friends! Here with some Easter basket ideas, including what we've scooped up for the boys so far. There are some great pajama sales going on today, so I've linked two of my favorites. I love including things in the boys' baskets to finally get them back outdoors, and the boots, scavenger hunt cards, and kite are my favorites. I also included some tried and true winners like the Easter egg hunt LEGO Set, glitter chalk, and bubble guns that have lasted much longer than just Easter morning. You can also check out some more ideas in last year's post, here! Hope you're enjoying your extra hour of sunshine. I just can't believe we're a week away from spring!
1. Rainbow Pajamas: The boys are getting these springy pajamas in their baskets.  They’re 30% off today, hooray!

2. Crocks Rainboots: The boys got these last year, and they’re still a favorite. They’re such good quality and wear so well. Size up 1 to extend your use out of them! There’s a $5 off coupon right now applied at checkout.

3. LEGO Easter Egg Hunt: Perfect for any LEGO lovers like ours!

4. Strawberry Pajamas: I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them! They’re 40% off today with code SHOP!

5. Moon Rabbit: Scooping this up for Oskar. Such a cute story about making friends.

6. Cuddle & Kind Unicorn: There’s sticker shock here, I get it, but when you purchase one of these adorable stuffed animals, you also provide 10 meals to a child in need. I just love these.

7. Perforated Slip On Shoes: These are a hot deal right now for $10! So many people love these and say they’re just like the pricey Canvas. Perfect for spring and summer!

8. Glitter Chalk: We re-up on this every year! I love how it sparkles in the sun.

9. Bunny Roo, I Love You: Such a great little read with the prettiest illustrations.

10. Bunny Ears Headband: Dying over the sweetness of this. Would be so adorable on Easter Day, and could be used for dress up (or even Halloween!) down the line. 

11. Bubble Guns: Always a fan favorite. These don’t require batteries, which is a big win!

12.Metallic Gel Pens: Perfect for any doodle-er. Childhood nostalgia. 

13. Octopus Kite: Super easy for kid to fly on windy spring days. We love this!

14. Nature Scavenger Hunt cards: I love this idea for spring time and getting the kids outside to hunt for the items on their cards. 

15. Unicorn Poop Slime: The boys will be all about these. So fun to toss into their baskets.

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