Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide

Today's post brought to you by all of Matt's favorite (or most wished for) things. Here they are, in no particular order, if you're looking for some inspiration for a dad in your life.

1. Portable Speaker: The best thing since sliced bread. This portable Bluetooth speaker lives outside at our house, and since it’s fully waterproof and even submergible, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it in the rain (guilty with the last one). We play our favorite playlists—or more realistically, Kids Bop—and keep the party outside during these nice weather months.

2. Frame and Storage for Kids’ Artwork: This is in the lineup for Matt this year, which can store up to 100 pieces of kids’ artwork and display whichever one is up front. Oskar loves to draw pictures for Matt to hang in his office, and this way, he can keep them all. We’ll be adding Oskar’s rendition of dada the doctor to this frame, which I think is a sweet idea—to have your kiddos draw their dad at work to then hang in their office.

3. Golf Pants: Don’t get me started on how obsessed Matt is with these golf pants. He turns into the daddest dad every time he wears them. “Touch these. No seriously. Can you believe how light these are?” And repeat. It’s true, they are SUPER lightweight and breathable for any dads that golf. The hype is real... 

4. Matching Dad and Kid Socks: One of my all time favorite Father’s Day gift ideas: matching father and son (or daughter!) socks. Oskar is thrilled every time they head out to work and school while twinning.

5. Lacoste Watch: Classic and sharp, you can’t go wrong.

6. A Man and His Watch: This book was made for Matt, so adding it here if it resonates with any dads in your life, too. This book tells the story of 76 different watches and the iconic people who wore them (and why).

7. Coffee Subscription: Loving this idea to add a fun twist on an every day staple.

8. Personalized Toiletry Bag: Super classy and sleek, these personalized toiletry bags come in tons of shapes and sizes.

9. Rugged and Dapper Toiletry Set: A fun little travel set to throw into that personalized toiletry bag, or to gift ahead of summer vacation season if you’re heading out of town.

10. Molkky: The best yard game that ever was. I grew up playing this in Finland and it’s finally made its way to the USA, and even to Amazon. So freaking fun and requires no athletic ability—check plus.

11. Puma Slides: Should’ve saved our pairs from the 90s, since what’s old is new. These are the shoes thrown on most often by Matt as we chase kids around outside. Pair them with some board shorts and a towel, and you have yourself a nice summery gift.


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