Friday, October 2, 2020

Fall Bucket List, Recipes, and Other Fun Things

Happy fall, friends! Here we are, already in October with over a month of school behind us and me fully back to work. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and we're doing our best to make this season fun despite the life suck that is COVID. We always put together a list of things we want to do together, and though it looks a little different, it's still my favorite time of year. 

I always love to download Kelle Hampton's Fall Bucket List every year. She makes one for each season, but fall is always the best. We hang this one the refrigerator and check things off as we go. This year's is even COVID friendly  — all items you can do safely with your families, friends or alone in your cozy little house. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy some comfy sweatpants.

I put together some Halloween baskets for the boys and baby, delivered a little early to build some fall excitement. Oskar's been wearing cat ears every single day, and August's first question every morning is, "Does my Hey Boo shirt match with these pants?" Other favorite items were this fake snake and spider, glow in the dark bath bombs, this book on the body, and these I Can Read Spooky Story books.

We kicked off our soup Sunday tradition again, making our tried and true favorites while also adding in some new recipes to try this year. The latest win: this veggie minestrone soup with warm crusty bread. There's nothing like a huge pot of soup simmering all day on a crisp and lazy fall Sunday. 

Hand in hand with lazy Sundays comes this Countdown to Halloween movie list, so many of which are from the 90's and I'm loving it almost as much as the boys.

I've rounded up some fun fall treats that we've already made or have on the docket, including these amazing oatmeal cream pies, these pumpkin s'mores cookies, and this amazing cranberry pistachio biscotti. 


We're talking about--and changing our minds on--Halloween costumes just about every day (looking at you, Oskar), so I really have no idea what the boys will finally decide. August is pretty set on Luigi, but he dresses up as him every single day anyway, so Halloween won't be much different as far as that goes. Maren has the perfect jack-o-lantern half smile, so she's really destined to be a pumpkin. Stay tuned.



A few things that I've bought for myself and LOVED: this tee, SO perfect for layering, these woven mules in saddle brown, and this super soft mock neck boxy tee.

Wishing you guys a happy and healthy fall. Thanks for reading along, especially now that posts are a little harder to get together around here. Hoping to report back for Prime Day in a few weeks to kick off holiday shopping :).

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