Wednesday, November 25, 2020

2020 Gift Guide for Him

Oh, hi. It's been a long and hard week over here, with work just about as intense as it gets and a saddish, halfhearted Thanksgiving to celebrate tomorrow. So, I made Matt send me all of his picks for this year's men's gift guide, which will probably serve you better anyway. He has--and is a huge fan of--most of these things already, so any questions, ask away! Hopefully this provides some inspiration for whomever you may be shopping for, because I feel like the hardest people on my list are always in this category. Wishing you guys a happy long weekend, and some fun holiday shopping. December is almost here!


1.      1. Bees Knees Spicy Honey: Matt’s new favorite condiment for pizza, wings, sandwiches, everything.

2.      2. Oofos Recovery Sandals: If you want to discuss Matt’s enthusiasm for these recovery sandals, allot 60 minutes. These saved his feet from planter fasciitis and provide tons of relief after standing for 12 hours a day. He is never not wearing these when he’s at home.

3.      3. 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly: As the name implies, a wheelbarrow, yard cart, and a dolly in one. The handiest thing for all the stuff around the yard.

4.      4. Sanitizer Box: Grabbing this to leave in the car for phones, keys, wallets, etc.

5.      5. Toilet Timer – the stocking stuffer / gag gift to benefit us all.

6.      6. Tennis Shoes-Matt saw these and really loved them.

7.      7. Phone Docking Station: a landing zone for all of his stuff before bed: phone, glasses, watch, and a place to empty pockets and to store random junk in a prettier way.

8.      8. Leatherman : Matt’s favorite purchase of the entire year. He is obsessed with this for a variety of long-winded reasons, but assures me that the man in your life needs one too.

9.      9. Meat Thermometer: One of those things that, after we got it, we said “why didn’t we get this 10 years ago?”

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