Wednesday, February 3, 2021

My Favorite Purchases from 2020

Friends, hi! It's February somehow, and here I am with a 2020 post two months later.  Life has been busy, yet the same old same old, with the boys continuing remote school through the next 9 week period, and Maren being shuffled around between me and any willing and able family members while I do my best to also work. The good news? I can ALMOST feel the end in sight, with a return to school date of April 1st for all parties involved--SO very needed for the boys, of course, but bittersweet for our littlest girl who has no idea what's coming. We have big transitions ahead for both of us,  moving to one afternoon nap and slowly weaning, and this also makes me super sad.  I want to get a sibling snapshot up on the blog because they have all changed SO MUCH this last year, so hopefully I can get that together before 2021 is over. Oof. Anyway, as for today's post. A round up of my very favorite purchases from 2020. All of my most loved items to get me through one crazy year.

ONE: I have finally been investing into GOOD skincare, and with the help of my insanely versed sister, landed here.  Vichy Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Elemis Cleansing Balm, Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, and Neutrogena Eye Cream. This combo has BEEN IT for me, and my skin has been so dewy, glowy, and healthy.
TWO: All I wear, jewelry wise.  These diamond hoop earrings plus a Beth Macri necklace with the number 3 for my trio.

THREE: The end of 2019 ended on a ROUGH note for my hair, which got so incredibly damaged from being bleached. I had such significant breakage all around the crown of my head that 2020 was spent doing all the things to restore it back to health: heat protector spray, a silk pillowcase, continuing to take my prenatal vitamin, using these hair ties, a new hair dryer, and this Olaplex shampoo. Together, they've made all the difference. Plus, I stopped dying it, and have only sparingly highlighted.

FOUR: Eufy Stick Vacuum: The best money we may have spent last year. We use this thing CONSTANTLY on our hardwood floors. This even sucks up Cheerios, which none of my other vacuums have ever done.

FIVE: Athleta Leggings: It is no exaggeration that I've lived in these for a solid year. I now have 3 pairs. They are incredible.

SIX: Peloton: After months of being holed up, Matt and I needed an outlet. And we. are. hooked. Since I used to be more of a "frolic around outside for an hour and call it a day" in terms of exercise kind of gal, the Peloton took me a few weeks to warm up to but now I'm in love. And I've never been in better shape.  If you’re also interested in taking the plunge, I have a referral code (WMM8CX) for $100 off of accessories at purchase!

SEVEN: Solo Stove: Matt got this for his birthday in January of last year, and we had no idea the kind of year we'd have in store for us. We used this more than we ever thought possible to get outside and to safely gather with friends from time to time.

EIGHT: Since I had not much else to do but clean and purge, all of our old sheets from 10 years ago got the boot, replaced by this dreamy set with about 100,000 5-star reviews.

NINE: This heater / cooler combination has been SO NICE for our room that lives above the garage. Bonus? It's made for overnight use and never gets hot to the touch, making it safe for an into-everything-Maren.

TEN: Very late in the year came these beauties. I took the combat boot plunge. They are so buttery soft and look good with everything. I love them so much and feel like a cool mom now 😉. 

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