Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Fun + Useful Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket inspiration coming your way on this sunny Tuesday, with fun AND useful finds that look pretty all together. Baskets are the best way to give kids what they kind of need any way, including all the things for spring and summer that's right around the corner.

One: Jump ropes all around this year; something to both get the boys' outside and to get rid of all of the wiggles from being stuck inside in these cold weather months.

Two: I loved these unisex pajamas for all of my babies to match. Plus, only $10!

Three: I couldn't resist a SWADDLED BABY BUNNY.

Four: The boys live in these shoes all spring and summer. I quite literally have to pry them off of their feet in the fall and hide them away, they love them so much. Hint: we've found that the cheaper knock-offs give them blisters, but never any issues with the Native brand.

Five: I love this swimsuit brand. So many fun patterns.

Six: One of August's favorite books. The whole series is great, but the egg is on theme.

Seven: The prettiest lip balm.

Eight: Our favorite bath products. A little bit goes A LONG way, and a bottle of this stuff lasts us for months. Following this link, or using code FORYOULAURADIIULIO21 will get you 10% off your purchase.

Nine: Water bottles--always needed around here, but make them cute.

Ten: For your very own little Easter Bunny.

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