Thursday, September 30, 2021

Our Favorite Books for Halloween

October eve calls for a switch to all things Halloween, including all of our books on our bookshelves in lieu of our favorites for fall. We have each of the books below and I can highly recommend them all. Added bonus? They display so nicely and really serve as d├ęcor as well. Books, plus a few fun throw pillows, really change the boys' rooms and set the tone for the few months ahead.

1. Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories: I got this for Oskar this year and am so darn excited to read it with him. Roald Dahl plus spooky stories...yes yes YES.

2. The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt: A sweet story about a ghost who is a quilt instead of a sheet, teaching us that it's ok--and good!--to be different.

3: The Scariest Book Ever: A funny book narrated by a melodramatic ghost narrator, who is out to prove that this is, in fact, the SCARIEST book ever.

4. The Little Witch: I started reading this with Oskar and he loves it. Classics never die, as proven by this 60th anniversary edition of a lifelong favorite for many.

5. Creepy Carrots: Not to be outdone by it's sister book Creepy Pair of Underwear, both boys always reach for this quirky Caldecott Honor winning picture book.

6. Gilbert The Ghost:A perfect book on being shy, and finding the bravery to be yourself. I love this one for August.

7. The Dark: A story of overcoming a fear of the dark, written in an eerie yet beautiful way. 

8. Triangle: A pair of practical jokesters, leaving the reader wondering who started it. One of August's very favorites.

9. They All Saw a Cat: One of our very favorites for years and years. A Caldecott medalist for its vivid and creative illustrations showing the different ways animals view and see a cat.

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