Saturday, January 15, 2022

My Favorite Purchases in 2021 (for me)

Happy New Year! A quick round up, below, of the first things that came to mind when thinking of my favorite purchases for ME last year. I love to see what other people loved as well so I know what's really worth the buy. Also hoping to round up Matt's favorite things, our favorite purchases for the home, and favorite purchases for the kids. Be back soon!

one: these boots were exactly what I had been looking for and was never able to find. Until I did! I wear them with everything. Honorable mention to these boots that I have equal love for, but are much spendier.

two: this lash serum got my lashes to grow to crazy lengths last year. Now I just apply once or twice a week to maintain.

three: the absolute best foundation I've ever used.

four: my favorite--and most flattering--two piece that also covers and holds everything in place while chasing after 3 kids.

five:our splurge purchase of 2021. Matt and I fell in love with the Peloton and moved our hobby to outside trails in the warm weather months. Whenever we have a chance to leave the kids at home for a few hours we pack up our bikes and ride 10-20 miles.

six: my every day earrings that I never take off.

seven: meet my favorite battery powered taper candles that click on with a remote every time the sun starts to go down. They create the coziest, comfiest atmosphere in our living room.

eight: I never thought I'd see the day where I transitioned from skinny jeans, but here we are. These jeans wear so well and are so flattering on a body type like mine. I also love love love these jeans that are more of an investment.

nine: The shoes my closet was missing. Now I wear them more than any other shoe I own.

ten: I'm super sensitive to most scents, but a (very) light spray of this perfume is just enough and smells so, so good.

eleven: I've been hyper invested in hair health after a horrible experience at the salon that broke so much of my hair. This hair oil, a heat protectant, a silk pillow case, and a good, quality hair dryer (Matt's christmas gift to me last year) has worked wonders.

twelve: body suits for life. I dress them up (if I ever get the chance to go anywhere), I dress them down. These ones are my favorite with slightly thicker fabric that still offers a lot of stretch.

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