Thursday, October 6, 2022

Boo Baskets

Happy October, happy fall! We're all settled into our school year and sports routines and are looking forward to one of our favorite times of year. The boys have ended up "themed" for costumes since they were very little--pig and wolf, Peter Pan and Smee, Iron Man and Batman, and a plethora of Star Wars characters the last few years that I know nothing about. This year, they ended up choosing professional soccer and professional football players--synced as could be until Maren came along. NO to baseball, YES to The Little Mermaid. If you see us in ref and soccer mom outfits and uniforms with a mermaid toddling behind, #itme. 

I like to give them each a little "boo basket" mid-October with a few fun fall things tucked inside. Adding some of the finds I grabbed, below. Favorites of ours that we already have are The Witches book (an absolute must read for Halloween!), the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game that has become a night time ritual, and cat ears for cute sibling Halloween pictures outside in the colorful leaves. Soaking up these last few weeks of sunlight--I'll be back with Christmas updates before we know it. Until then!

1. The Witches

2. Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

3. Fake Snake

4. Cat Ears

5. Squishmallow

6. Halloween Pajamas

7. Hair Color

8. Bath Bombs

9. Halloween LEGO

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