Monday, February 5, 2018

Oskar: 3.5 Years Old

Oskar Henri, our biggest little love. At just about 4 months away from 4 years old, we’ll soon be officially be leaving the toddler years behind. I thought I’d write up a little snapshot about him because time is flying on by, and as Oskar keeps telling me, “I’m gonna be 4. Can you cry about that?”

Oskar has been our emotional little soul from birth, on. He’s hyper aware of how others are feeling, but is also so sensitive himself. He totally crumbles under criticism, but shines with positive reinforcement. Touch is his love language, that’s for sure, and is always climbing into my lap to snuggle or to hold hands. The holding hands is big with him, by the way—with me, dada, August—anybody near by. He’s always wanting to hold their hand. He gives--and wants to receive—love freely, and he’s been on a quest to think of the biggest number he can fathom to express how much he loves me. Recently, it’s been “60-40 up to the moon”.

He’s very slowly grown into his big brother role. It wasn’t a natural transition for him, and he definitely struggled with having our attention divided. Now that August is talking and playing alongside of him, he’s much more into the whole idea of it all, but their relationship is hot and cold all day long. He’s learned to control his emotions and to use his words (some of the time), which has been a big development from age 2 to 3. Still, the both of them end up fighting over the same toy, over and over, but can’t stand to be separated, either. Siblings. When the stars align and they laugh and giggle together there is nothing like it in the whole entire world and I would move heaven and earth to keep watching them just like that, forever and ever. I mean, what a CRAZY thought that I made two babies that can make each other laugh.

Oskar is a very stereotypically little boy in his interests. He’s very much a builder, and loves LEGOs, Tinker Toys, Marble Mazes, and Playmobil. Heroic play is still big in this house, and Imaginext Batman figurines and houses are still one of our most loved sets of toys. Then there’s the energy. Stepping stones, the bounce house (we got one for them as a joint Christmas present. Yes, we are slightly crazy, but there has not been a day where it has gone unused), soccer, riding bikes, or just running down the halls. It’s on-going and never ending, and I wish I had half as much of the energy that is bottled up inside of him. Coloring and art are totally out the window at the moment, and the more I push it the more he retreats. He’s cooperative with tracing, stamping, and cutting, but something about actually coloring a picture frustrates him to no end and he’s made the decision in his mind to simply not do it at all. He can write his name really well these days, and is proud about the quality of his Os. He adores books and reading, which has been the case from when he was very little, and he used to sleep with stacks of them in his bed. He recently stopped doing this, and it made me sad that another little boy quirk of his had come to an end. He still sleeps with his very loved little yellow bunny that he named Hoppy. When he's trying to be a cool big kid he calls him Hopster, which makes me smile.

Oskar goes to preschool 3 days a week, and though he still gets sad on school mornings, and sometimes even a little teary at drop off, he always tells me he had a good day after I pick him up. When I leave him in his classroom he runs to the window to catch me on my way to the car and makes a heart shape with his hands. It gets me every time.  School really is so good for him and he’s learned so much, not only from a social aspect, but from an academic one too. He has one little friend there that just makes his whole world go ‘round, and we most often hear about what they played together. Otherwise, Oskar is a little homebody who loves to stay in pajamas for as long as he can. He’s getting picky about what he wears (I knew this would happen eventually…) and wants only those shirts with characters or pictures he likes. He needs coaxing to get out of the house, but once we’re out and about, he’s turned into my little sidekick. It’s so much easier now that he can get his coat and shoes on and climb into his car seat by himself. The park or library are our most frequented stops, and both are totally his happy place. 

Overall, he’s just morphing more and more into this little interesting and amazing PERSON, who loves to talk, talk, talk. Funniest / sweetest thoughts or sayings lately:

“I’m so glad you fed me food through my bellybutton when I was a baby.”
“I wish I lived in a bubble world so I could go inside of one and fly to Suomi (Finland).”
“I want a brother and August can have a sister.” Note: you already have a brother, kid.

And finally, a little interview with him.

What is your favorite color? Yellow

What is your favorite toy?  Transformers  

What is your favorite TV show?  Inspector Gadget

What is your favorite thing to eat?  Cheese pizza

What is your favorite outfit?   Batman shirts

What is your favorite game?  PJ Masks game

What is your favorite animal?  Giraffe

What is your favorite song? Yellow (by Coldplay)

What is your favorite book?  Captain Underpants

Who is your best friend?    Colton, Frederick, Norah, Brett, and Mama

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play soccer

Where is your favorite place to go?  To the zoo

What do you want to be when you grow up?   Spiderman or a doctor. Tough competition, dada.

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