Tuesday, April 10, 2018

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I was an English major until I was coerced into a Finance and International Business dual major by my college counselor. These landed me public accounting work at a Big 4 firm after college, and it’s been auditing and accounting for me ever since, even though I’ve never truly identified with it. 
  2. I love the process of renovating houses and making a house a home. We’re constantly changing or updating something. We’re so thankful to be in our forever home (I hope) which makes every little improvement that much more rewarding.
  3. I’m beyond terrified of flying. 
  4. I love reading memoirs. They’re my favorite kind of books. 
  5. I somehow always thought I’d have boys, and now I do. I never pictured myself with a girl. They’ve made me more well-rounded, adventurous, and wild. 
  6. I rarely wear my engagement or wedding rings…I feel like they get in the way or get bumped or scratched when they’re on. I usually wear a $5 thin faux gold band from my sister instead.
  7. My go-to cocktail is a gin and tonic, but it’s Cabernet Sauvignon that I drink most often.
  8. I love black licorice, probably because I grew up eating it.
  9. I’ve traveled to 20 countries and am adding 2 more to my list this year.
  10. I’m a dual citizen of the US and Finland. I have deep roots in Finland from my mom’s side and spent my summers there growing up. 
  11. I met my husband the summer I turned 20. We were inseparable ever since, even though we were “just friends” for nearly a year after that.
  12.  I’m type A from a type B family.
  13. I loved being pregnant. It’s the best and healthiest I’ve ever felt.
  14. I’ve been to Mount Everest base camp. It was a grueling trip, and we flipped over our jeep as we traveled through the Himalayas. The last leg was traveled by a mule-drawn-cart.
  15. I have my CPA license, which is my proudest professional accomplishment. It took a lot of time, effort, and determination for me to pass the 4 part exam.
  16. My love of Dateline and murder mysteries runs deep. I'm meeting my sister in Stockholm to go to a "My Favorite Murder" podcast tour.
  17. Matt and I are “professional Amazon reviewers”, where we receive free product in exchange for unbiased, thorough, quality reviews. It’s such a fun hobby and we’ve gotten to try some things that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered.
  18. August’s name was one we really loved, but also sentimental because we got married in August. 
  19. I hate wearing my hair down and the feeling of hair on my face or near my eyes. It’s almost always pulled back.
  20. Blogging and sharing pictures on Instagram was one of my resolutions going into the New Year, and it’s been more rewarding and fulfilling than I could have imagined! I was lacking a creative outlet and I’m happy to pour some energy into this space, and to also learn some IT skills along the way (favicons, gadgets, blogger templates, oh my!) Thank you for following along and for all of your support! Truly, it means so much!

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