Monday, April 16, 2018

Best Amazon Subscribe and Save Items

Sharing with you today my research on what products are best to Subscribe and Save to on Amazon and what we currently have in our monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries (or did in the past). I always compare to Walmart’s prices as stated online to serve as a baseline and only S&S to those products that are priced lower on Amazon. Disclaimer: I’m not a couponer, so there very well may be better deals from time to time for those of you who are, but I just don’t have the time for it at our current phase in life.

For those of you new to the Amazon Subscribe and Save world, Subscribe and Save is a delivery service of sorts. You are provided free standard shipping on your subscribe and save products, and the convenience of regularly scheduled deliveries. There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time. You can also skip a delivery if you don’t need the product for that particular delivery period, or change the size of what you’ve subscribed to (example: diapers). The very best part? You receive a discount off the Amazon price of 5% when you Subscribe and Save to that product, and if you subscribe and save to 5 or more products per delivery period you get a discount of 15% off of everything. If you’re an Amazon Family member, you get an automatic 20% discount on diapers, baby food, and more.  We love it because it keeps the bulk out of our shopping carts, our pantries stocked, and has saved us a ton of money on everyday staples. So here you have it: the best items to subscribe and save to, by category, and what we love the most.

Household Staples

Paper Towels: Amazon released their own line called Presto, and we were actually invited to be some of the first testers of the product. They’re cheap, durable, and have the flex-a-size feature where you can tear off a half or full sheet, depending on the mess. We subscribe and save to 24 rolls delivered every 3 months. There is a 10% off coupon right now (“clip” it on Amazon) on top of the 5 or 15% discounts already available through S&S, AND for a limited time, members of Amazon Prime qualify for a 20% discount, up to $20, on the first order of a Subscribe and Save subscription. Long story short: this is the best price for paper towels out there.
Toilet Paper: Nearly the same story here. This is Amazon brand toilet paper, new to market, and we got to be testers. There are a few different varieties, but we S&S to the Ultra Strong. They’re also offering a 10% coupon on top of S&S discounts, and the 20% discount, up to $20, on the first order of a S&S subscription.

Furnace Filters: This is a new one for us, based on a recommendation of a friend. And what a good one it was! We get these delivered bi-annually now, which serves as our reminder to switch out the older filter for the new. 

Coffee: Keurig k-cups are our guilty pleasure and get us out the door faster. McDonald’s k-cups have turned into our favorite ones. Right now, there is a coupon for 15% extra savings, applied to first order only. The price for these is better than anywhere else, even TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or SAMs Club.
Lara Bars: Matt never has time for lunch, so these are his go-to snack for on the run. Also great for nursing moms. Right now, there is an extra $4.00 coupon on the first order.


Diapers: We S&Sed to Pampers Swaddlers until the boys potty trained, and always exercised our 20% off diapers through Amazon Family.

Wipes: These Amazon water wipes are the best, ever. I was a Babyganics wipes user until these were released, and I’ll never look back! We S&S to the flip-top pack of six every month so we can disperse them throughout our bathrooms and I can always keep one in the car and one in my purse. 

Baby Wash and Shampoo: I’m pretty sure we’ve tried all of the baby wash products out there. This Aquaphor is my favorite for so many reasons: there’s a pump dispenser, it’s a body wash AND shampoo product, it’s made for sensitive skin, it’s a LARGE size bottle, and it’s sold at a great price. We get a bottle every month (I think the recommended is every 2 months, but we have two kiddos that use it). 

Baby Lotion: We S&S to this one and use it for both boys, and then supplement a bunch of other non-Amazon stuff for eczema, which both boys have had this winter (Oskar the worst). I also like the size and pump dispense of the bottle. Anything smaller sized with a squeeze dispense are no-gos in my book.


Mascara: My favorite mascara right to my door every 2 months.

Mascara Primer: Mascara primer to set my mascara and to keep it from running, delivered every 3 months.

Burt’s Bees Coconut and Pear Chapstick: I tried this and am in love, and can’t find it anywhere else. This has been a wintertime staple. We get a pack of 2 every 2 months, one for Matt, one for me.

Magic BB Cream: This was one of my March Amazon favorites, and I S&Sed to it to keep it coming. I went with the 3 month interval which was recommended.

A quick note as I round this post out. All of these deliveries result in a lot of boxes, but Amazon has partnered with Goodwill. You can now pack your empty boxes full of donations, and print free shipping labels from Let UPS or the U.S. Postal Service deliver your box of donations for you. Such a win-win program that I’m all about. Find out more here:

Hope this has been helpful and this saves you money and time spent shopping! If you have any other recommendations I'd love to hear them!

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