Friday, May 18, 2018

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

It's nice outside, and that's exactly where you'll find us until November! I had a few requests for our favorite outdoor toys, and I put together this little list to keep your kiddos entertained while you get to soak up the sunshine. A win for everybody involved! Our current favorites are water painting, bug catching, and walkie-talkie missions, and there is just nothing sweeter than watching the boys playing together now that August is running and talking right along side of his big brother. And stopping for popsicle breaks in-between, of course.

So first, a summer-ey, sunshiney, picture of these two little frenemies.

And now, a round-up of what we're loving, or what's on our summer wish-list!
Kiddie Pool: OK, this thing looks amazing for babes under 3. Even I want to get in it. Slides, sprinklers, and a DINOSAUR? Count me in.  
Water Table: If I had a do-over, this is the one I’d get. It’s the #1 best seller for a reason. And trust me on this—for kids 2 and under, a water table will quickly become your most-loved toy.

No Slip Water Shoes: Lots of color options for these little shoes, but they look to be the very best non-slip option for a super reasonable price. Perfect for pool side or playing in the creek. 

Bug Catching Kit: My boys’ love for catching bugs is what keeps them busiest outside these days, and a little kit like this ups the excitement.

Go Find It Game: This is the cutest game that prompts the players to go find things outside based on the card they draw: something furry, round, thin, huge, rough, etc. A perfect scavenger hunt activity to play in the yard or neighborhood.

Picnic Basket: I’m all about eating outside when it’s nice (no clean-up!). Even more requested by the kids is making a picnic outside or taking this basket to a park to eat. This basket is insulated and easy to wipe down on the inside. It’s also roomy enough to pack a blanket along to spread out and sit together. One of the boys' current favorites is “Teddy Bear Picnics”, which involves all things bear-shaped. These cookie cutters get you bear shaped sandwiches, pancakes, slices of watermelon, cucumber, etc.

Gonge Riverstones: We got these as a Christmas gift and they’re even more fun outside. The boys like to draw a monster or fire with chalk on the patio and jump over him from stone to stone. I’m planning on adding the hilltops for a birthday present coming up.

Walkie Talkies: the boys love going on “missions” and now that August is talking, watching them run around the house with their walkie talkies is my favorite thing. 

Paintbrush and Bucket: Who else remembers “painting” the patio with water? We fill this bucket with water and the boys use these brushes to draw designs or just cover the whole area, paintbrush stroke by paintbrush stroke. We love these buckets because they are sturdy enough to be flipped over and stood on top of, which happens 100% of the time in a house with boys.

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