Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hospital Packing Checklist and What you Really Need

Hello my friends! For those of you currently pregnant, I put together my tried and true hospital packing checklist and what to make sure to take with you when you're having a baby. Since this is my third go-around, I feel like I have this list nailed down pat, as well as pared WAY down to what my must-haves really are. Example: no need to bring a novel to read, cus #nobodygottimeforthat. I also made a printable version, here, so you can stick this to your fridge and check things off as you get closer and closer to go-time. Or, the image is pin-able, so if you want to save it and reference back that way, that works as well. The hospital really does have all of your basics, including diapers, wipes, baby bath essentials, onesies, hats, swaddles, perineal spray/peri bottles, nipple cream, pads, etc. Nearly all of what I list, below, truly are either comfort items or what I've found to be personal preference, so know that if you show up without something, you'll still be just fine. I like to have my bag fully packed by 36 weeks (except for last minute items to grab, like phone chargers and wallets, of course), and prefer something that wheels to make it that much easier to haul since triage feels like miles away when you're in active labor. Always such an exciting and surreal feeling to start gathering everything together--one step closer to meeting your baby and becoming a mama (for some of you, again). There's nothing like it. I hope this is helpful, and if there's something that YOU find to be a must-have that isn't included, let me know!

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