Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Most Recommended Amazon Clothing Finds by More Than 14,000 Women

Today I'm sharing the results of one of the most commented on threads I've seen in a Facebook group of over 14,000 women: everybody's favorite Amazon clothing find.  Amazon clothing is notoriously hit or miss, so getting a recommendation or a seal of approval before ordering is always helpful. I summarized the MOST discussed or submitted items, below, and also included some honorable mentions later on. So many good finds--if only I wasn't 8 months pregnant! Adding to cart and saving for later, ladidaa.

Quarter Zip Hoodie: the kind of thing I live in

High Waisted Yoga Pants: SO many votes for these, which also come in lots of fun colors. They’re supposed to be a dupe for the super pricey Lululemon Align leggings.

Long Sleeved Belted Dress: Great for a dressier occasion. Stretchy and low maintenance, with no ironing or dry cleaning required.

Lace Dress: So pretty for weddings, baptisms, showers, etc. 

Twist Knot Front Tunic: SO many votes for this one, too!

Jeans: Person submitting these as a favorite said, “I’m obsessed with these and they come in almost any color/style imaginable.”

Fedora: cute, warm, and adjustable in size.

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