Thursday, January 27, 2022

Favorite Purchases for Him in 2021

Back again with Matt's round-up of all of the purchases he loved most in 2021. When the man gets excited about something, get ready to hear about it every time he uses it, and then again the next day. Here's everything that got the most rants and raves during our most recent lap around the sun.

one: if you take nothing else away from this post, just take this: get your man these pants. The most comfortable, flattering, versatile pant that he's slowly been purchasing in every single color.

two: sunglasses are on every darn gift guide, but Matt swears these are different. A flexible frame that bends when needed, they also feel like they adjust to the light "They make driving towards the sun incredibly comfortable", he says, as he excitedly demonstrates this while putting them on and pretending to drive a car as I type this.

three: a battery charge checker when he's really in dad mode and switching out batteries in all the things. This tells you if a battery has any charge left or if it's totally dead, if you're anything like us and just end up with a junk drawer full of them.

four: I swear Matt started some kind of love affair with Thule, but here's just one of his purchases that goes everywhere with him: weekend trips and on European vacations alike. This is actually a kind of two-in-one bookbag, with a smaller day pack clipped onto the front. Incredibly handy for a carryon, I must admit. Also makes me laugh because when we first started dating he would show up on my doorstep with a cardboard box full of his stuff because he had no bag at all. 

five: Alright, hear him out on this one, because I totally buy the hype. A wireless Apple Car Play adapter for your car. Your iPhone automatically connects to your car's Apple Car Play functionality without having to mess around with wires, plugs, etc. So convenient. 

six: he says to keep this in the car if you need just about any tool you can think of: pliers, scissors, screwdriver for small repairs. It's come in handy so many times.

seven: If you're an ice person, this makes the most satisfying ice cubes without the insane price tag of a nugget ice maker. This one has a permanent place on our bar cart and is used throughout each day.

eight: These were the best stocking stuffer of 2020 that we've used almost every single day since. They don't sweat, they keep beverages cold, and they're so satisfying to drink out of. 5 stars from both of us.

nine: Matt's favorite read of the year. Impactful and moving, this one really got him. 

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