Monday, November 19, 2018

Gift Guide for Him: 2018 Edition

North Face Pullover: Cozy, quality, goodness. You can never have too many North Face pullovers, and they last forever. 

Men’s Ugg Slippers: Matt was firmly against the idea for so long, and then I went ahead and bought them for his birthday a few years back anyway. He’s worn them so much that there are nearly holes in the soles. They’re seriously that comfortable.

Pillow: This is such a great gift idea, because who wants to splurge on a pillow for themselves? The reviews for this particular one are absolutely amazing  to the tune of 15,000+ 5 star reviews. Anything for better, more restorative, sounder sleep.

Silicone Ring: For those husbands who may not be able to wear their traditional ring at work or those who remove theirs for working out: these silicone rings have great feedback for being comfortable, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

Firehouse: This has been on Matt’s wish list to cozy up our patio. 

Smart Plugs: These have made their way into our home, and while we still don’t have an Alexa or Google home, Matt can turn off all of our lights around the house with his cell phone when we’re heading up to bed. 

Yeti Coozie: Matt told me to add this to the list because he wants one.

Mission Belt: If you’re not familiar with Mission Belts, these are the very best. They were on Shark Tank and became an instant hit, and Matt has them in 3 or 4 different colors. The metal ratchet buckle give you the perfect fit every time. And added bonus: a dollar from every belt goes to fight global hunger. 

Car iPhone Charger: A good and useful stocking stuffer: there is nothing worse than a dead phone in the car.

Grey Sneakers: Super comfortable and super breathable with a really sleek look. 

Snow Boots: Same thing here as in the Gift Guide for Her: snow boots make such a great gift because you never want to buy them for yourself, but always end up needing them. Especially if you’re the snow shovel-er of the family.

Henley and Nike Joggers: This is what Matt’s getting because this is the stuff that he lives in. A nice, but put together, comfy outfit is worth its weight in gold.

Lotion: Matt had a sample of this and LOVED it. His hands are always dry from constantly using hand sanitizer at work, so having this next to our sink restored and repaired his skin.

Electric Toothbrush: We both have this model toothbrush at our dentist’s recommendation. Good time to upgrade. 

Baby Carrying Hiker Backpack: An awesome baby carrier for any dad of littles. This, plus a planned adventure, would make for the sweetest gift. Plus, baby wearing dads = #hot. 

Tile: After several lost wallet episodes this year, I think it’s time to invest in this thin little tile that locates exactly where it is at any given time. If you can find your wallet but not your phone, the Tile makes it ring to locate it. 

Sear Grate: We have a relatively new grill, which has led to Matt turning into quite the grilling enthusiast. He LOVES this sear grate, and grills chicken or steak on this at least 2 times a week for us for dinner. It turns out so, so good by sealing in the moisture and flavor of your food.  

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