Friday, November 30, 2018

The Best Kids' Stocking Stuffers That Aren't Junk

Bath Drops and Crayons: These seem to make it into stockings every year. On cold or rainy days, we pull these out and take even longer baths to keep the kids busy. 
Rubix Cubes: I got this little set of 2 for Oskar. He’s a puzzle lover, through and through, and the smaller cube will be perfect for him to practice on. He and his dada, who can use the bigger cube, can have races to see who solves it first.

Rubber Frog: This one’s right up in August’s alley. A big, rubber, stretchy, frog. This is great to pick up and play with and I’m sure will be used to prank mama once or twice.

Initial Ballcap: Another jackpot find for August, who is SO into hats lately. I just love this one with his first initial that will definitely make him look more little boy than baby.

Fingerling: I scooped up 2 of these since they’re the perfect size for stockings, and lots of comments on mom discussion boards say that their kids, who received them last year during the Fingerling craze, still regularly play with them and they’re still a favorite this many months out. 

Marvel Uno: This one’s for Oskar, our little family game night fanatic. He loves games and Marvel and recognizes his numbers, so it’s sure to be a hit.

LEGO take along sets here and here: LEGO is everything in our house, and I love these little sets to pack up and take along when we go to restaurants or places with no toys. They can build these and play with them for just enough time to keep them busy and well behaved. 

Activity Book: Because what’s a stocking without one or two of these. I like these options because they’re lighter on coloring (still not Oskar’s favorite), but include word searches, find and seek, mazes, and connect the dots, which he’s way more into.

Where’s Waldo Christmas Spectacular: Childhood nostalgia. If your kids love I Spy books, like ours, I raise you Where’s Waldo.

Lipsmacker Set: A must-have for any little girl.

Elf Popper: we have this in the Easter Bunny version, and the kids still LOVE it. 

Joke Book: I love this idea—Oskar making his whole family laugh for the rest of Christmas day, which is totally his love language.

Hair Bows: The prettiest hair bows you ever did see.

Measuring Tape: File this and the flashlight under “items my kids end up playing with the most”.
Toothbrush: Every year stocking staple.

Scavenger Hunt Car Game: Perfect for Oskar (and maybe even August) to keep him busy in the car for any road trips we may go on.

Reindeer Skid Proof Slipper Socks: These are so stinkin cute, and only $7.99. 

Annie’s Fruit Snacks: We throw the green and red bags of these fruit snacks into Stockings every year.

Invisible Disappearing Ink Pens: This magical invisible ink writes “secret messages”. Once your secret message is written with this invisible ink pen, wait a few seconds, then shine the light from the cover of the pen and reveal what it says. Perfect for playing detective or good guys/bad guys—I know the boys will absolutely love these.

Undies: A good stocking filler—this is our favorite brand of kids undies outside of Hanna Andersson.

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