Friday, November 9, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide Ages 0-2

1. Pacifier Clips: These were favorites of ours when the boys used pacifiers and kept them from constantly falling on the floor, especially during cold and flu season. 

2. Hello! Magazine Subscription: Both of our boys LOVED receiving this in the mail. It was one of our absolute favorites to read together and has songs, rhyming, age appropriate find and seek, and is made of tear-resistant, washable material with rounded corners and stitched binding. I always recommend this as a 1st birthday gift idea. 

3. Booties: Here to sing their praises again, these Zutano booties are absolutely amazing! They stay on little feet, keep them warm, have grips on the bottoms for any little ones that are pulling to stand or who are new to walking, and just look all-around adorable. There are many colors to choose from—pinks, blues, or other neutrals—to pair with whatever outfit you choose. 

4. Crib Sheets: (other options here, here , and here). These are always needed, serve as the perfect back drop for pictures, and really bring a nursery to life.

5. Melissa & Doug Foot Cutting Set: We have the older version of this that August got for his birthday and its continued to be one of his favorite toys. He loves “cutting” up the food included and then pairing them back together. The Velcro hasn’t worn at all and continues to adhere just fine, even after over a year of use.

6. Radio Flyer Trike: If there’s anything that grows along with your babe, this is it. We’ve used this since 1 year on, and it’s evolved from a push trike to one that August is starting to independently ride. The harness straps and foot rests are just perfect for little riders.

7. Duplo: here and here. Must-have building toys that I love for so many reasons. Oskar still plays with Duplo sets we have at 4 years old, in an entirely new way, since he can follow the step-by-step directions and assemble everything entirely on his own. I also love Duplo (and LEGO) because even though they’re built to last and to grow along with your child, they hold amazing re-sale value when the time comes to let them go. 

8. Moonlite Projector: August got this set when he turned 2 and we’ve used it with both boys for bedtime ever since. This little projector clips on to your phone and projects whichever story reel is chosen onto the ceiling after dimming the lights. You read the story out loud from the text on your phone, which also provides background music and sound effects to keep your little ones engaged. We absolutely love this, and have been scooping up other story reels to add to our collection. 

9. Cozy Cold Weather Bear Suit: Perfect for getting outside on cold weather days. Plus, how stinking cute are those bear ears?

10. Firetruck Ball Pit: I know my boys would have been obsessed with this when they were younger. Tents and crawl spaces are so fun for little ones, and paired with a ball pit, you’re sure to have a bit hit. This also comes in girlier versions if you’re so inclined.

11. Lift the Flap Fairy Tales: Fairy tales are everything around his age, and so are lift the flaps. What a perfect little combination. I love the whimsical illustrations and the rhyming language for your littlest audience.  

12. Car Skyway Ramp: We never had this, but so many of our friends did, and our boys always beelined it as soon as they saw it. It’s nice and tall with 3 different tracks and is big enough for more than 1 child to play. 

13. Alligator Walking Toy: Just the sweetest for new walkers. The alligator mouths open and chomp as this is pushed around.

14. First Baby Doll: We love the Manhattan Toy Company, and this sweet little plush baby is a perfect first doll.

15. Toddler Foam Magnets: My kids always LOVED moving magnets around our refrigerator, and this set is built to be toddler safe and each is easy to move around with little hands. 

16. Wooden Pop Up Toy: So many rave reviews for this toy on every mom blog. I wish I would’ve known about this when the boys were smaller, since I love simple yet engaging Montessori style toys like this one. 

17. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside its fun inside! If you sing this to yourself 100 times a day, this gift may be for you.

18. Swing: A perfect idea for springtime. We had this hanging from a big tree at our last house and Oskar was allllllllllways pointing at it to go outside and swing. 

19. Toy Vacuum: We have this and it’s truly held its charm. This is a little mini replica of our Dyson vacuum that turns on, twists, and turns, and is perfect to pair with a little toy kitchen in the future. Hoping my investment pays off, and they really do vacuum for me one day.

20. Daniel Tiger Trolley and Figurines: I bought this set 3 times this year for all the little babies I knew who were turning 1 or 2. This is a definite fan favorite, and little figurines that you can put in and out of something are just perfect for this age.

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