Monday, November 25, 2019

My Favorite 2019 Christmas Book Finds

There's less than a week to December now, which means it's officially time for one of the things that sparks the most joy around here--children's Christmas books. Below are my absolute favorite finds from this year, all of which are illustrated beautifully and display almost like decorations in the boys' rooms. We have them out in baskets by their beds, easy to grab and flip through any time they want. For all of our other favorites, check out prior year posts here and here.

1. If Santa Didn’t Have His Sleigh: A sweet question and answer book about what would happen if Santa didn’t have his sleigh. 

2. The Story Orchestra: A beautifully illustrated, musical retelling of the Nutcracker. Press the buttons to hear 10 excerpts from the ballet’s music.

3. The Worst Christmas Book in the Whole Entire World: I thought this one would be right up Oskar’s alley, and I was right. Think “The Book with No Pictures”, but with pictures, this book had us both giggling when we read it.

4. Finding Christmas: A story about giving, bringing the Christmas spirit to life.

5. The Tree That’s Meant to Be: the prettiest book about kindness, generosity, and the true meaning of Christmas.

6. Tough Cookie: this sweet little story celebrates the joy of being accepted for who we are.

7. Samurai Santa : A story about an epic snowball fight, and whether the main character, Yukio, will land on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year.

8. How Santa Got his Job: a story about using all of your unique and special talents that make you YOU. 

9. Dasher: from the creator of Red and Lulu (one of our FAVORITES), a story about a reindeer with a special wish.

10. How to Catch Santa : We love this author, so I know this book is bound to be a hit. A New York Time’s best seller that’s a Christmas must-read.

11. The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold: the roles are reversed in this silly book about Santa not believing in a little boy named Harold.

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